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  A bordo--Intro Reviews
Bienvenidos al primer semestre del año 2003-2004. 

Español 2  TEST on Tuesday ar,er,ir verbs, grammar and vocab from Review (pp R1-R23) sections A & B in text

Español 2
el 12 de septiembre-viernes
1.check homework & collect Writing assignments pp 13 & 14
2. pass back exam
3. review airport
4. Overhead
5. textbook C  talk about sports & airport
6. text – stem change words…
7.      Workbook p15 3rd & 6th hour

el 11 de septiembre-jueves
1. Review film
2. review airport
3. project on supplies
4. wbk r 14 at least 6 sentences

el nueve de septiembre--martes
1. check workbook r10 to progressive...
                       estar +ando or +iendo
2. Take Exam A & B
3. Computer lab for supplies search.

el 8 de septiembre--lunes
1. Check workbooks r 6, r7, r10
2. hablar…aprender, bajar, subir, abrir, llamar, preparar, dar, ser, estar ir  
3. Question words and meanings… Who, What, Where, When, How, How much.    Un/una=a   unos, unas=some, el,la,los,las=the  wbk- r11  
4. Roles r23
5. Present progressive…R 21, r22 text
6. Wkbk G-together…
7. R10 change to progressive (wbk),
TUESDAY  EXAM over AR, ER, IR present conjugations, basic vocab in A & B,
Ser, estar, dar, ir, ver conjugations, When to use SER & Estar, plurals and meaning of el, la, los, las and un, una, unos, unas, Present Progressive of ar, er, ir verbs and changing iendo -> yendo
el 5 de septiembre -- viernes Español 2

1. hablar, tocar, tirar, estudiar, enseñar, aprender, dar, estar, ir, comprender, beber, leer, comer, ver, ser, vivir, recibir conjugate on paper

2. Tell me ser or estar:  I am your teacher, detroit is in mi, he is sick, he's from the office, we are tall, she is studying, they are very tall, we are good students, the bus is enormous, Bob is at the dentist...We are in school...the school is in Madison Heights

3. read r16 and drill r 17
4. review concordance (agreement of adjectives)...r-20
5. Class work - Homework:  workbook r6 r7 r10

el 4 de septiembre-jueves Espanol 2

1. check homework J on r15 copied and translated
2 extra points--answers to questions orally w/o papers
3. continue drills on r 13 & r 15
4. some conjugation races at board
5. conjugate ver & ir....and  ser & estar
6. work on ser vs estar on the computers
7. hwk work on Quia Ser vs estar and review conjugation endings of ar, er, and ir verbs... STEM + Ending
El 3 de septiembre—miércoles  Español 2

1. repasar la tarea….en orden y con naipes…R1-r5
2. hablan de actividades…después de clases  iglesia, feria , rueda de feria
3. dialogo I r12—A B C
4. dialogo II 
5. Actividad D p r13  compañeros
6. On board…conjugate beber,  vivir
7. Complete Drills E F G
8.  In Notebooks…copy and translate questions for  J pág.R-15…

el 2 de septiembre--martes
1. Me gusta video
2. Conjugate ir   dar   estar   pr7
3. w/cards translate questions and answer in Spanish…R8
4. Communication A B C r9
5. who, what, where, when, how (or describe), how much (quantity), which one... who is it, what time is it, where are you from, where are you ging, when, how much is the total, which is the date today

TAREA: Workbook R1(w/sentences), R2, R3, R4, R5 (D & A or B)

El 28 de agosto   Espanol 2    $$$$$$
1. Put up and overhead for talking
2. notebooks …….conjugation pronouns and endings
3. Translate questions with your partner p r-5
4. Answer questions for points…p r5
5. Class orally D pr6
6. Class E orally
7. F We read together and fill in blanks… I will call students… must follow…
8. Conjugate ir   dar   estar   pr7


My Quia activities and quizzes
B-#1-5A Page 25 in text-- I am , You are, He is, She is
Pro-noun Review
B-#F2 Numbers 0 - 100, Counting by Tens.
B-#F3 Counting by 100's and 1,000s. Text page 8.
BV8 -go verbs ¿What do they mean?
PRETERITE Tense Conjugations-Regular Verbs - 3 Verbs Only
Review SECTION D-- Preterite Tense
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