weinerenglish Mrs. Weiner
Durant High School English Instructor
April 24,2000


      English IV: We reading Pygmalion this week and then you are in for a special treat because we will watch My Fair Lady!  This is a wonderful production and one that will help you to realize just how important the spoken word is.

       English IV AP:  We are going to be working hard on the AP test preparation.  You are going to have to delay that attack of senioritis just a little longer so you will do well on the test.  Make sure you are reviewing all of those novels we have read over the past four years.


      We are beginning work on that long-awaited research paper.  I will take you to the SOSU library on Wednesday to help give you ideas on where you can research for the novels The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath.  Those of you who will not be in class on Wed. may meet me at the library Thursday evening (April 27)at 6:00, and I will give you a tour then.
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