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Below are links to several excellent educational sites that I have been exploring and using with my classes (Year 8, 9, 11 and 12). A brief description of each is also presented.

To get the most out of these sites, it is advised that you  read the general information first. That is, start with the links to "About .....", "New Users", "FAQ's", etc for each site. This will help you get an understanding of what each site can do for you. They are really incredible.

You may like to view some examples of the work some of the classes have been involved in.

The most current class activity relates to Year 12 Biology and the concept of "Evolution". Attached to this site is a Global Youth Forum, part of the oz-Teachernet package. Can I encourage each of you to register for this to see how it works. You would then be able to coordinate your own forum.

The next step may be to decide on a topic that you would like to use information technology as a tool to help develop your students understanding. Either have a go yourself or come and have a chat (even email me).

One final message. Using Information Technology is exciting - kids are interested, more focussed, and you have more time to spend with smaller groups of students. In the beginning, it may take you a little while to develop an understanding of how a package works and developing your first unit, but that time is well spent. New lessons and even units can be developed within an hour once you are familiar with the capabilities of the package.

I challenge you to have a go. Best of luck.

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