wendtswordsofwisdom Mrs. Wendt
Weare Middle School fifth grade teacher
August 30, 2000

Hi, all of you in my class!   Have you recovered yet from the first, very busy, day of the 2000-2001 school year?  I am exhausted!!  How about you?

We acquired a lot of new information today: where things are, how to do it "The Wendt Way", and when we will be doing what subject. There's a great deal more for you to learn before you're ready for sixth grade, so get a good night's rest tonight.  

Please be sure to return your two emergency cards, your insurance form, and whatever else has to be filled out. Remember that you are learning responsibility, and, in this class, students are rewarded for showing responsibilty.
(Ice cream party at the end of the quarter, remember???)

I will try to update this newsletter once a week.  Always get permission from your parents before you turn on the internet.  Perhaps they'd enjoy sitting right along side of you as you read our newsletter.  Many times there will be important information they need to be aware of.

See you tomorrow!  Only three days this week.  Then, a looooong weekend (Labor Day, Monday).  

Have a great evening!!

Mrs. Wendt
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