whatever Keeb
Templeton Middle School e-mail me= )
Hey people,
   Its Keba Baird for all you that know me.
_No_ this is not about the next boring subject we have to study or write about this is about the fun gossip and stuff that goes on at school. It's also for if u need help w/ your homework,if u need someone to talk to(and trust me i talk a lot) if you want your xboyfriend/girlfriend back. Even if your stuck w/ that teacher that doesn't under stand u,I have the best thing to say to git yourself unstuck. Or if you want to complain to me about someone that is really rude to u I have the best comebacks.So please e-mail me!!!
I know how to explain to your mom about that F u got on your last history test =  0 so e-mail me!!!!!

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