whist Mr. Sweeney
Tuscola Community High School world history instructor
Welcome to World History. ┬áThe following is the course syllabus and weekly assignments. 
                 WORLD HISTORY 2001-2002

Course Goal- to provide students with a world perspective of events and enable students to critically analyze and discuss those events.

Grading Scale- Grades are based on total number of points earned in a grading period. These include homework, tests, quizzes, and projects.  Participation in discussion is an
important element for world history.  Lack of participation can lower your grade. Positive participation can raise it. 

GRADING SCALE: 90-80-70-60 Scale
A   =  92-100         C   =  72-77
A-  =  90-91 C-  =  70-71
        B+  =  88-89 D+  =  68-69
B   =  82-87 D   =  62-67 
B-  =  80-81 D-  =  60-61
C+  =  78-79                    F = Below 60      
folder and notebook(or a 3-ring binder); blue or black pen; loose-leaf paper

Homework- all students are expected to keep up with the readings (both textbook and outside articles); this material is essential in order to be able to carry out class
discussions.  Occasionally, students may be asked to complete written assignments or worksheets that cover the readings. 

Projects- students will have both individual and group projects which will need to be completed for the course.

Late work- No late work will be accepted.  On the third missing homework assignment, students will be required to meet with teacher and parents.

Tests consist of multiple choice, matching, short answer, and essay questions. 50 % of tests include material from the text which may or may not be covered in class and 50% of
tests include material from lectures/discussions which may or may not be covered in text.

Final Exam-  Covers all semester work.  Multiple choice format.

Weekly Assignments 11/2- 11/16

Fri. Nov. 2nd-  test on Chapter six

<Mon. Nov. 5th-- return and go over tests; lecture on Roman Empire as it relates to the Byzantines
Homework- read pp. 111-114; questions from section 5.1

Tues. Nov. 6th-  lecture on section one;
Homework: read section two and answer questions (due Thurs)

Wed. Nov. 7th- film on Byzantines

Thurs. Nov. 8th- lecture on section two;
Homework- read pp. 117-118; answer q's; handout on crusades;

Fri. Nov. 9th-  lecture on Crusades and section three
read pp. 118-125;

Mon. Nov. 12th-  go over section four on overhead
read pp. 126-131; prep for quiz

Tues Nov. 13th- finish section four; start section five

- Wed. Nov. 14th- finish section five

Thurs. Nov. 15th-  review for test

Fri. Nov. 16th-  Test chapter Five

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