wildenglish Ms. Shuja
William Henry Harrison High School English 10 teacher
In English 10-2 are reviewing parts of speech and some main parts of grammar. We will also continue in our quest to improve and expand our vocabulary. After the winter break we will begin studying Elizabethan drama and study betrayal and trust in Julius Caesar.
    In English 9-2, we have finished To Kill A Mockingbired. We are now writing an essay on several topics related to To Kill A Mockingbird. After the winter break we will begin our study of Shakespeare, Elizabethan times and begin the play Romeo and Juliet.
    We are reading the novel Spite Fences, in English 10-1, We are learning more about life in the South in the 1960's, the problems with racism and the courage of those who protested against segregation.
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Vocab 4
Vocabulary for Sophomore English
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Vocabulary for Sophomore English
9-2 Vocabulary #3
Vocabulary for Freshman English
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