Aim: To save and share all our common documents where we all can access them straightaway.

Resource: Our account at TopCities, a website which allows us 150 free MB. The address is http://www.topcities.com/cgi-bin/home/login2, the account name ‘williamellis’ and the password ‘crYhjaEy’. Please notice that we need to respect caps.

How it works:
Once we have logged in, there is a menu that says "Base Directory”. When we click on it we are shown all our folders within that directory. We can select any of them, or we can even go to the Base Directory itself if we want to create a new folder just there.

Now we are inside a folder. To open any of the uploaded files (if there is any) we only need to click on the correspondent link. There are two ways we can upload new files (see at the bottom, scrolling down, after the list of files); we should better select the “EasyUpload utility” as it permits uploading many files at the same time. For sending just one file it is more comfortable to use the normal upload bars: we click on the "Browse" buttons and we get that single file from our computer.

Please note that in any case files’ names need to have only no-spaces names.

This website can be particularly useful if we want the whole class to write a document for us and we do not want to print it nor save it on multiple floppy disks. We can tell our pupils to use the TopCities password to upload that document for us. Once the have done it we just need to access the same account and click on the documents’ links.

We could give the instructions for a certain task using the Quia class page, just the same way as you see in this page you are reading now. Also, in that page we could provide the link to go straight to the TopCities login page, as you can see here if you scroll down to "Useful links", exactly the one at the bottom.

Please find TopCities instructions specially adapted for pupils by clicking on the link below.
My Quia activities and quizzes
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