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Cushing Elementary School, Grade 3  

Hello to all my buddies in Room 15!

The Pilgrims have been "Sited"
We've learned so much about the pilgrims during our simulations and writing in our pilgrim log.  Let's use the internet to research this fascinating group.

Learn About the Food Pyramid
Our bodies need special foods to keep us growing strong.  Use the Nutrition website listed below to help you fill out your food pyramid website research assignment.

Take a Trip to Mexico
We recently read an article about a girl your age who lives in Mexico in Time for Kids.  Let's find out more about her homeland.

Scholastic Website Link
Want to find out more about your favorite author?  Can't get enough of Harry Potter?  Check out Scholastic's kid page!  There's also more information about the books you may want to order.

Time for Kids
Want to learn more about one of the fascinating articles we've read in our weekly "Time for Kids" magazine.  They have a website- have a peek.

Safe Search Engines
The internet is an exciting tool, but some places just aren't cool for kids.  Try out these kid friendly search engines the next time you need information.

Have you finished your homework and just want to see something fun? The hamsters are great dancers!
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