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Trinity Monday Night ESL Classes ESL Instructor
PLEASE COME TO CLASS ON TIME.  Classes start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m.  Free transportation from MSU campus laundry centers to Trinity is available.  Child care is provided.

Please do the activities and quizzes listed below.  A record of your progress is kept for the quizzes.   Please keep a Vocabulary Journal of the words you need to learn.  Learning the words includes how to pronounce it, what it means, how to spell it; and, write it in a sentence.  Please take the test again to show yourself the improvement you have made.  Don't cheat yourself by learning the answer on the quiz site.

Please add handy Merriam-Webster customized search buttons to your Google Toolbar.  The button downloads are at the bottom of the page titled: Merriam-Webster Toolbar Buttons.  This will help you look up words you need to learn.

The links are exercises you need to do.  They are not on this Web site and will not be recorded.  Although you are not taking this class for a grade, I know you will work hard to improve your English skills.
My Quia activities and quizzes
SAT #1 and SAT #2 Vocabulary Quiz
Quiz 3- SAT/ACT test prep
Vocabulary College Part Two
Vocabulary - College Part One
Vocabulary12 Part 2
Vocabulary12 Part One
Vocabulary 11 Part two 60 Test Words
Vocabulary11 Part 1 60 Test Words
Vocabulary10 Part 2 - 60 Test Words
Vocabulary10 Part 1 - 60 Test Words
Vocabulary9 Part 2 - 60 Test Words
Vocabulary9 Part 1 - 60 Test Words
Vocabulary8 Part 2 - 60 Test Words
Vocabulary8 Part 1 60 Test Words
Oh Boy, What a Ride! #2
Traffic Signs (Intermediate-Advanced)
Following Directions Vocabulary
Oh Boy, What a Ride!
Subjects and Predicates Quiz
Sentence Structure
PARTS OF SPEECH - Identification 1
Linking Verbs and Action Verbs
Future, Past and Present English tenses
Adjective Phrase Practice
51 Basic Past Tense Verbs
Sentences, Spelling and Words
Fragment, Comma Splice, and Run On and Complex Sentence
Months & Days
"To be" Verbs
A 2nd Look - John the Baptist to the Temptation
Listening Exercise: John the Baptist to the Temptation of Jesus
The Temptation of Jesus
Mary's News
Jesus - Birth to Twelve
WHY??? What CAUSED it to happen?
Wh Questions
Map Quiz #1: Continents and Oceans
Internet Driver's License
Could I Ask You a Question?
Useful links
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