Windsor Fire Protection District Training Officer
The Windsor Training Division prepares and manages study sessions for all firefighters in the Windsor Fire Protection District.  The study sessions are quizzes that are designed to assist firefighters with entry level fire service training and continued education assignments.  The tests are available "online" at any place that has access to the internet, but are exclusive to Windsor Fire Protection District firefighters. 

Once you start a quiz, you must stay "online" and remain connected to the web site until you submit your answers or your results will not get scored and the work you have started will not be saved.  You will need to use your "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" to enter each quiz.   Your username and password are confidential.  Do not release the information to anyone without permission from Training officer, Capt. Ron Busch. 

This training program was introduced to the Windsor Fire Protection District by Firefighter Ken Chaffee.  Ken is an assistant training consultant with American Training Service, the company providing you with this training.  If Ken is not available or you need more information, please contact "Mac" (project manager Scott McLaughlin or program manager Tom McLaughlin) at the e-mail address listed below.   

telephone # (650) 557-9417
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