winningwriters Mrs. Holly Ellison
1st place: The Sensationally Satisfying Cookie by Matt

As I took my seat In core class ,I detected a faint aroma wafting down the aisle.As seconds turned into minutes , the oder became more delectable. the scent was sinfully savory and teasingly tasty.the cookie smelled as good as a pumpkin pie on thanksgivingday.My sentglands came alive as the cookies were passed out. I couldn't wait to gorge myself the cookie . I was in oatmeal heaven.

2nd place: Cookie by Johnny

I'm going to tell you about the smell of the most sensational cookie in the world. My cookie smells so excellent that it will take you out of your seat and into the cookie jar. Its sugar like scent fills the room witha heavenly aroma, which makes you want to eat the whole cookie in one bite. My cookie makes you think of a trip to grandma's house on a Sunday afternoon. It also makes you think of Christmas when every store has the scent of a cookie like mine. In closing, I have the sweetest smelling cookie in the world.

3rd place: My unique cookie by Shawna

Mrs. Ellison placed the peculiar cookie on our desks. I looked down at the one I obtained. It looked like a minute blob of red mush. As I observed it closely, I found it was not mushy all over because it had a crunchy crevice running down the center. I was despondent for the mortified looking cookie. Everyone watched tediously as I procrastinated in eating the horrendous looking substance. I was just about as excited as an unhappy clown on his way to a funderal. My cookie was surely a huge spectacle.
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