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Current Rankings In the Wisdom Game:  May 9, 2000: 9 AM

Wisdom Game News Flash!!! 
SHALYN BOYNTON jumps into third place!  AMITY PORGES makes her debut!  JAVIER SARABIA, in an interview yesterday, claimed he didn't care about his score, but was going to solve both 1000 pearl questions.  Onlookers are skeptical.  SARABIA is talking about something that has never been achieved in the entire storied history of the Wisdom Game.  DOUG BIHLMEIER revealed that one of the secrets of his success was finding a website that translated English into French.  The question everyone is asking is, "when is ERIC DOLL going to wake up?"  What's it going to take for this kid from Yucaipa to get into the Game and show the doubters, the skeptics, the naysayers, what he can do?

News Flash!  May 9, 2000:  1:51 PM
CHRISTY NEGRON passed SHALYN BOYNTON!  NEGRON apprealed the Judge's ruling on one of her questions ... and won her case!  Note:  There are now three 1,000 pearl questions!

News Flash!  May 10, 2000:  6:56 AM
     JUDI CRUZ claim yesterday the Wisdom Game was so addicting she didn't have time to do papers for BIFFLE'S class.  BIFFLE the Teacher despairs.  BIFFLE the Game Designer rejoices.

     Note question 12.  A doozy. 

     JARED SAUNDERS makes the most impressive debut of any Wisdom Gamer in recent history.  His answer to question 6, see below, has struck fear into all his opponents.
6.  What is the difference in shape between a Doric
and Ionic capital? †(100 pearls)

     "The doric capital is composed of two parts, the Abacus
and the Echinus. The Abacus, which lies on top, is
square shaped and rests upon the Echinus which is
round and sorta cushion-like."

     "The Ionic Capital also has an Abacus which is shaped
the same, yet its main feature is the volute which is
shaped like a scroll. I should add that the Greeks got
a bit more creative here by putting what is called
'egg and dart molding' on this capital. It has much>more design to it."

     "I hope this is what you are looking for.
I did a bit of travelling when I was abroad and Greek
arch. was something that I picked up."

     "I am Jared Saunders. Hear me roar."

May 15: 7:42 AM:
SHALYN BOYNTON is the first to solve the Rembrandt 1000 pearl question!

1.  1405 Pearls of Wisdom:   Doug Bihlmeier
2.  1345 Pearls of Wisdom:   Shalyn Boynton
3.  1065 Pearls of Wisdom:   Tom Bruister
4.   290 Pearls of Wisdom:   Christy Negron
5.   170 Pearls of Wisdom:   Amanda Overland
6.   125 Pearls of Wisdom:   Michael Hinsley  
7.   115 Pearls of Wisdom:   Judi Cruz
8.   100 Pearls of Wisdom:   Jared "Roaring" Saunders
9.    10 Pearls of Wisdom:   Amity Porges
10.    0 Pearls of Wisdom:   Eric Doll
11.    0 Pearls of Wisdom:   Javier Sarabia


There are millions of sites on the Web, but only a few are wondrous.

The Wisdom Game guides you to the most astonishing sites on the Internet.  Playing the Game is like following a golden thread to electronic miracles. 

The rules are simple.  Answer the questions below, by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.  Each link will take you to a great web site.  You are trying to amass as many Pearls of Wisdom as possible.  Your ranking will be listed on this page (see above).

E-mail me your list of the correct answers by clicking on Chris Biffle in the upper right corner of this page.
Include in your e-mail, a copy of the questions (including their number and pearl value).
Question 1:  In what year was a battle fought at Zama? (5 pearls)
Answer:  a real long time ago
Question 3:  What's an auroch? (50 pearls)
Answer:  a very odd sounding word



The higher the pearl value of the questions, the deeper, and more cleverly, you must search the web site.  To answer the questions, use the links at the bottom of this page.

1.  In what year was a battle fought at Zama?  (5 pearls)
Wonderful animations (requires Shockwave ... don't be afraid, the instructions will tell you how to download Shockwave, the Internet standard for playing animations)

2.   What is the connection between St. Bernard of Clairvaux and the Benedictine Abbey Church at Vezelay?  (10 pearls)
Incredible site ... a treasure trove of medieval architecure.

3.  What’s an auroch?  (50 points)
Superb site set up by French Ministry of Education ... features a virtual tour of a prehistoric cave in the south of France.

4.  What is the purpose of the strange devices represented in a virtual recreation of the Colliseum?  (1000 pearls!!)
     Oh, such a great site!... based on the 20 year labor by Paul Bigot who hand built a model of ancient Rome, half the size of a football field!

5.  In "The Waterfall" by the German artist, M.C. Esher,                   
what is happening that is impossible in the physical world?  (10 pearls)

6.  What is the difference in shape between a Doric and Ionic capital?  (100 pearls)
     This site is the largest, richest, most complex gathering of materials related to Greek culture on the Web ... a digital wonderland.

7.  What do the caryatids on the Erechteion represent?  (100 pearls)
     A very challenging problem involving a complex exploration of the site described in question 6.

8.  What evidence do we have that the Neanderthals believed in life after death?  (20 pearls)
     Visit the National Museum of Natural History and learn ... all about everything!

9.  What is the only object grave robbers didn’t steal from the burial chamber in the center of the Great Pyramid of Khufu?  (50 pearls)
    To answer this question, you get to crawl around inside a virtual recreation of the largest pyramid in the world.  Numerous other wonders at this state of the art site!!

10.  What did the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche think about Thales, the first philosopher?  (1000 pearls for a perfect score!!!)  Take the test listed below under Quia Activities; the computer will grade the test and e-mail me the results.

11.  Journey to Paris, Bible in hand, and use all your cyber-cunning to answer the following.
As you face the large Rembrandt self portrait, what event from the Bible (chapter and verse) is portrayed in the painting of a nude on the wall to your right?  (1000 pearls)

12.  Go to London and explore the dusty hallways of the British Museum.  Return with your answer to the following:
How many British double decker buses would equal the weight of the Great Pyramid at Giza?  (200 pearls)
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