wisdomgame1 WISDOM GAME
Introduction and Rules

There are millions of sites on the Web, but only a few are wondrous.

The Wisdom Game guides you to the most astonishing sites on the Internet.  Playing the Game is like following a golden thread to electronic miracles.  

The rules are simple.  Start Level One of the Wisdom Game by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  Each link will take you to a great web site.  You are trying to amass as many Pearls of Wisdom as possible.  Your ranking will be listed on this page (see above).

E-mail me your list of the correct answers by clicking on Wisdom Game in the upper right corner of this page.
Include in your e-mail, a copy of the questions (including their number and pearl value).
Question 1:  In what year was a battle fought at Zama? (5 pearls)
Answer:  a real long time ago
Question 3:  What's an auroch? (50 pearls)
Answer:  a very odd sounding word
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