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Hi Everybody in my 3rd and 7th period classes!

Our schedule has been thrown way way off, so we'll take it one day, one chapter, one section at a time.  Expect a quiz over sections 1 & 2 of Chapter 6 on Friday of this week (10/20/00); come prepared to discuss section 3--and to grade the section review on p. 105--on Monday (10/23/00); we'll discuss section 4 on Tuesday (10/24)and grade the section review on p. 112.  On Wednesday, 10/25, we will review the chapter and prepare for the test, which will be given Thursday, 10/26/00!  


P.S.  There are two new games to help you review the material in chapter 6!  Try the Scavenger Hunt PLEASE--it took me forever to make :)
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Roman Legacy
Review of material in Chapter 6
The Greek Achievement
Review of material in Chapter 5
World History: Unit 1
Review of material in Unit 1 (chapters 1-4)
Ancient Rome
This game will take you through the web for a tour of ancient Rome!
Useful links
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