wmefourthgrade Fourth Grade
West Memorial Elementary School
Welcome to our fourth grade page!

Reading - Fabulous Fourth is hard at work determining the differences of fact and opinion statements.

**Just a reminder that we need to continue to read outside of school to reach our WME school goal of 1 million pages before school ends this year, and remember to complete those slips with the pages that you've read.

Language - TAAS writing is fast approaching!! The WME 4th graders have been working on narrative and compare/contrast writing. We have also been practicing multiple choice writing TAAS that applies the skills of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, word choice, and sentence combining.

**Writing TAAS is on February 19th, 2002.

Math - We are moving on from long division and are off to fractions, decimals, and measurement. The students need to continue to practice at least two long division and multiplication problems nightly for additional practice.

Science - Geology rocked last six weeks as we learned to distinguish the difference between minerals and rocks by the way they are formed. We also had an exciting speaker, Mr. Bruchas, from Exxon-Mobil. Next six weeks we will be diving into oceanography.

Social Studies - Afrer learning about each tribe of Native Americans, the classes completed group projects where each group focused on a particular tribe. Students were able to apply their knowledge and creativity. We have been studying the exploration of Texas and the Western Hemisphere. The social studies classes will continue to study the development of Texas and the historical figures that significantly impacted the lives of Texans.
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