wmjh8math Mrs. Sadler and Mrs. Bosch
West Memorial Junior High  
Welcome to the WMJH 8th grade math web site.  This will be updated once a six weeks.

As the year comes to a close, Pre-Algebra classes are busy at work for next year.  The end of the fifth 6 weeks and the beginning of the sixth 6 weeks will be used to solve geometry problems.  Real-world problems  will be used to find such concepts are perimeter, area, volume, and surface area of varius figures.  At the completion of geometry, we will enter the world of 9th grade Algebra!  This will provide a background for them next year so that the transition to high school will be a smooth one.

The academic classes are preparing for the TAAS math test.  It will be given Tuesay, April 11th, 2000.  The test is untimed in order to present an accurate assessment of your child's math ability.  The results of the math test will affect your child's placement in the high school math curriculum.

This six weeks, the classes have been covering Pythagoras Theorem, similar shapes, and geometry.  The next six weeks will be covering probability.

It has been a pleasure working with your child this year.  Thank you for sharing your child with us.

Yes, the rumor is ture!  The algebra classes are using graphing calculators on homework assignments, on class assignments, and on tests.  We are preparing for the EOC test.  It requires the use of a graphing calculator.  The test will be given in May.  Please check with your child for the date.   All math classes will be taking the TAAS math test on April 11.

During the last six weeks of school, we will be covering rational polynomials.  This is a very difficult concept.  Tutoring will be provided on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.  If your child cannot attend on these days, please have him/her discuss the problem with me.  We will try to reach a solution.

Special thanks to the PE department for allowing students to re-test during the PE classes, to Mr. Tays for supplying each student with a graphing calculator, to every parent who waited patiently during tutoring sessions, and to you for sharing your child.  It has been an outstanding year.  The climb to higher knowledge has been straight up but your child has gamely climbed onward.  Your children have been a pleasure to teach.
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