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This is a great way to get started on a poem (or any other type of creative writing).

Divide your page into six even blocks--- One vertical line down the middle of the page --- two horizontal lines across the page--- These are your six rooms!

Imagine that you are walking into a room---  You are looking at something (natural---a sunset, a rainstorm, a mountain, a seashell, a pinecone, a flower, etc.)  Something that is amazing, interesting, or something you cannot get out of your mind -    Close your eyes and try to see it closely as a photograph--- Notice all the details---

Try to spend 5 min. brainstorming in EACH room-

Room 1 - Describe what you see (in detail)--- Describe as accurately as you can--  Write your description in the first box---

Room 2 - Continue looking at the same image---This time focus on the quality of the light--- Is it bright?  Or a dull flat day?   If it is unclear, you may need to use poetic license (make it up)---If your image is something shiny (like stars)---  describe the light (sparkling, twinkling, red, blue....)  You can also describe colors in this room....

Room 3 -   Focus on sounds---   are there voices?   rustling of leaves?  footsteps?   sound of rain?  wind?   If it is silent, what kind of silence?   lonely?  empty?  peaceful?

Room 4 - Questions-   Write down any questions you have about the image.  What do you wonder about?   What do you want to know more about?

Room 5 -   Feelings -- Write down any feelings (emotions) you have about this image.

Room 6 ---   Read back over what you wrote in the other five rooms and find a word, a phrase, or a line that jumps out at you.   Repeat it three times in this room.

Now you may eliminate rooms, words, sentences, change the order in which the writing occurs---   See if you can create a poem (or other creative writing) using the information you have collected in these rooms.

You may want to add something:
a simile?
a metaphor?
Can you personify something in the rooms?
What would the image feel like if you could touch it?
What would it taste like?
If it could speak, what would it say?
Could you take a favorite line or quote from a poem or a book and weave that into your poem?

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