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                November 2000 Slater Silver Sparks  Do you want to view a live dolphin cam?  Try Mystic Aquarium link below.  How about the SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY?   I am adding a couple of fun links with activities for you to try out.     E-MAIL A DUST MITE TO A FRIEND-----LOOK BELOW FOR                           SITE!!!!!    Remember to  recycle, and each day no matter where you go be part of the solution, not the problem...pick up a piece of trash! Below you will find a link that will help you             make a fruit fly trap,...DISSECT A COW'S EYE... or one to explore the Space Program.                                          Quote of the Day                "The mode where the inevitable comes to pass is effort."                                                      ~~Oliver Wendell Holmes                                                    MS. WOLF mtw  SCIENCE IS everything you want to know!
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