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  Organizational Transformation Studies
Welcome! Women Leaders Around  the World

Women and Transformational   Leadership

Introduce yourself by stating your name,where you are from, and saying "Welcome" in Your Language

In preparation for this learning community, we will get to know each other in a variety of ways this first week. As a start, please take time to complete the following :
Introductory Assignments

    1. A one page background introduction. Also tell us "What  you want us to know about you. What is important to you? Any favorite songs, poetry, sports, books, etc.?"

    2. Each class member  will identify one of the women's issues which really causes some excitement in you, stirs up curiosity, or just "plain interests". You may come in the course knowing this; you may be influenced by your readings, or some other source. Post your topic of interest by Thursday. Look for others who have a similar topic of interest. Friday, you will join another member with a similar interest. This can be done through the threaded discussion where you have posted your choice. Once you have agreed to share with each other, use the class e-mail list and verify the e-mail of your partner. In your e-mail, discuss " Why this topic is important? What have you read about the issue? What more would you like to learn?" Try to arrive at some common themes and  post  them for the class. Jot down your individual responses in a journal. Make your paired postings by Saturday. In this way, we  began to create a community collage of interests, themes/ and excitements.
    3.Read Lecture One, Overview, Orientation and other content materials. Post any questions or comments that come up for you individually.

   4.The photo on  My Web Page and on the Assignment Page of this course  is entitled "Daybreak". Express it's meaning for you relative to this course.Post this by Sunday. Make learning light, creative and joyful. You will notice I LOVE Photography---for the joy of it obviously, not expertise (smile).
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