womeninhistory Tammy Mitchell and Debbie Howard
Andrews Elementary School  
Topic, Title, or Essential Question: "Women in History"-After researching four women in history, select one and appraise her.  How have her accomplishments influenced our lives today?

Grade Level Appropriateness: grades 4-6

Description of the Project: Students will:
*select four subjects
*research (using hot list, books, AES Software, etc.)
*create a time-line
*categorize the subjects using the rubric
*Complete "A Women I’d Like to Know"  questionnaire
*Choose one of the four subjects, and write a short story about a meeting     the two of you might have.
*Answer the essential question
*Cooperative group presentation (include research, illustrations, girls may dress up as the character they chose to meet, etc.)
*Complete a "On Line" test about Women in History
*Self-evaluations: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, choose your level of higher order thinking by selecting the skills that you reached to complete your assignment.
*Teacher assessment: Observation of Presentation

S.  C. Standards (list by subject and grade): (Multiple subjects)
Fourth Grade Language Arts:
1. Make, confirm, and revise predictions.
2. Explain how knowledge of the lives and experiences of individuals in history can relate to individuals who have similar goals or face similar challenges.
3. Use text organizers, such as type, headings, and graphics to understand text.
4.  Formulate questions that might be answered in the selection.
5.  Paraphrase content of selection, identifying important details.
6.  Write about what is read.
7.  Make inferences using information from texts.
8.  Identify elements of literature, such as plot, character, setting, types of language, point of view, and theme.
9.  Make inferences, note details, determine cause and effect, summarize and paraphrase content, and draw conclusions.
10.  Support fact and opinion with relevant details.
11.  Connect to personal experiences.
12.  The student will read for sustained periods of time.
13.  The student will listen to oral presentations and reports.
14.  Make judgments using evidence to support decisions.
15.  Present accurate directions and convey information to individuals and small groups.
16.  Contribute to group discussions.
17.  Express ideas orally with fluency, elaboration, and confidence.
18.  Use props and other visual aides to enhance presentation
19.  The student will write effective narratives and explanations.
20.  The student will edit final copies of writings.
21.  The student will use information resources to research a topic.
22.  The student will plan and conduct research by accessing and selecting information from print, video, and on-line resources; narrowing a topic; and combining information from a variety of sources, gathering additional information as needed.
Fourth grade Math:
23. Construct, read, and interpret tables, graphs, and charts.

Software Appropriate: (Name of software and how it will be used)
AES Software-Time Liner and Kid Pix Activity Kit Volume 2

Classroom Management:
Self-directed, Teacher directed, small group, whole group
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