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1. Students will use Quia for a Pre-test of knowledge on Australia. (Quia Activity #1) Read the background information found in Link#6 to provide a nice summary of the topics/answers following your pre-test.

2. Students will read a summary of the Britannica article and create a top ten list of most important ideas.  What is either most significant or most interesting? Be prepared to use a graphic organizer to compare/contrast the physical features of Australia and the United States. (Link #4) Key word "Australia".

3. The students will design two separate Venn diagrams. One will show similarities/differences of Australia's flora with that of the United States. The second will show similarities/differences of Australia's fauna with that of the United States. (Use both Links #8 & #9)

4. The students will use the Australian Gazetteer to locate the given Ten geographic features. List the landscape/waterway and indicate the latitude/longitude for each. Here's the list: Bakers Creek Falls (waterfall)- Adelaide Swamp (swamp)- Wreck Bay (bay)- Boomerang Beach (beach)- Cape Sandwich (cape)- Yulludunida Crater (crater-Tanami Desert (desert)- Bodalla State Forest (forest)- Dead Horse Lagoon (lagoon)- Emu Flat (plain). (Link #10)

5. The students will hit Quia Activity #2 and practice with geographic features and location. Where is it?

6. The students will hit Quia Activity #3 and practice with geographic features (land & water). What are they?

7. The students will use information from Link#11 to write at least two pages which essentially will be used for tonight's weather page in the "Sydney Tribune". The editor of the newspaper will use your specifics to incorporate into the broadcast. Be sure you have enough.

8. The students will use Link #12 to find a news article from an Australian paper or magazine on any geographic issue. Hit print to obtain the article. On the back write a summary of key points and include your personal views regarding it. ex. I agree with... I like...Be prepared to share with classmates on the assigned day. These issues might include urban issues, tourism, trade, problems like pollution etc.

9. The students will gain additional background and understanding of the "Great Barrier Reef"'by viewing the video clip. Go to the Teacher's Page and view by double clicking on the picture.. Background, makeup,types, preservation, and importance are all included..

10. The students will define and comprehend terms relating to the geography of Australia. View by using Glossary of terms page in this site. Three sites are provided to look up all terms with some neat geography glossaries.

11. The students will practice with Key Geography terms using this Quia quiz-Quia Activity #4.

12. The students will view this PowerPoint presentation and take notes regarding an overview of the "Wonders of Australia".Connect by accessing PowerPoint button on Physical Geogaphy Teacher Page.

13. The students will label and identify these geographic features on the outline map.Use Link #2 to assist your work.
Label these features:
Darling Range           Great Sandy Desert
Flinders Range          Gibson Deset
Great Dividing Range    Simpson Range
Musgrave Range          Tanami Desert
MacDonnell Range
Grey Range
Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
Timor Sea
Arafura Sea
Murray River
Great Australian Bight
Gulf of Carpentaria
Coral Sea
Lake Eyre
Bass Strait
Darling River
Lachlan River
Tropic of Capricorn
Barkly Tableland
Nullarbor Plain
Great Artesian Basin
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