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Woodland School Third Grade
Discovering Plants

Directions: Use the first WebSite Listed under Useful links for questions 1-9 and the second site for questions 10-
Copy the question onto a seperate sheet of paper then answer the question.

1. What are the six basic parts of a plant?
2. What do the roots do?
3. What does the stem do?
4. What do the leaves do?
5. What does the flower do?
6. What is the fruit?
7. What is the seed?
8. What is photosynthesis?
9. Draw a picture of a plant and label the 6 parts.
10. What are the four parts of a flower?
11. How do bees help seeds
12. What is germination?
13. Draw three pictures of a plant starting to grow and describe what is happening in each pictures.
14. What is the first thing that comes out of a seed?
15. What does photosynthesis mean?
16. What do plants produce during photosynthesis?
17. Where does photosynthesis take place?
18. What does chlorophyll absorb?
19. What do plants combine to make oxygen and sugar?
20. Why are plants important to our enviroment?
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