wordlywise Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. Anella, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Schmit
Midland Elementary School 4th Grade Teachers
Welcome, Midland Fourth Graders!

     This week we are studing Wordly Wise #28.  See if you can beat the Matching, Concentration and Word Search games that are included in the "Wordly Wise" area.     As you finish the games, print out the page and hand it in the next day.      Sometimes it may come out as a big gray block.  That is OK. So try the "Wordly Wise" games this week and feel prepared when you walk into class for your test on Friday!

     There are only a few more days left of school! This may be the last Spelling test you may have for the rest of the school year! But keep reading! Yipee!


     We have added to our site!

     The creators of Yahoo made a great web site for kids called Yahooligans".  It was designed for kids and for those who want to be kids.  

     There is a new site that has a list of tried and true books.  Take a look at the list and see if you can pick your favorite.  
     I am currently working on this web site to make it better and better. Please email me, Matthew Heinemann, if there are any suggestions or other web sites that you would like to share. mheinemann@mail.com

Have fun this summer!

     Remember: Time flies when you're studying Wordly Wise #28!
Mrs.Carpenter :)
 Mrs. Parker :)
   Mrs. Schmit :)
     Mr. Anella :)
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Wordly Wise List 28
Wordly Wise 28
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Jumbled Word list 28
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