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Word Processing Study Sheet

Word Processor: Program used to create letters, memos, reports and more.

Edit: To make changes or corrections to your document.

Cursor: Light on the computer screen that shows where the user is working.

Margins: The blank space around the edges of a page.

Name the margins: Left, Right, Top, Bottom

Word Wrap: A feature in a program that allows text to go to the next line without pressing enter.

Defaults: The margins and font types and sizes that are in the document when you open it.

Format - to choose margins, font types and sizes and other features for your document

Alignment - How the text is lined up with the margins. Choices are: right, left, centered or justified

Left - lines up text with left margin

Right - lines up text with right margin

Center - centers text between the margins

Justified - stretches text to align it with both left and right margins

Scrolling - The movement "downward" or "upward" or "right" and "left" on the computer screen.

* HEADER - Anything you put here will appear at the top of all the pages

*PRINT PREVIEW - shows you what your document would look like but doesn't actually print it

(Back Side)


1. What are some formatting types (or formats) you can choose for a document:

a. Page Layout Formats



Line Spacing

b. Text Formats

Font Type

Font Size

Bold, Italic, Underline

c. Other Formats




2. Will spell check catch all spelling mistakes? YES or NO

3. Give 3 examples of things spell check won't catch:

a. Proper Names

b. Homonyms (example: misuse of Where, Wear or Ware)

c. Compound Words (example: some one someone)

4. If I have just typed a document and I want to make sure I don’t lose it, I want to SAVE it.

5. If I have already saved a document with a name and I made changes to it, do I need to save it again?


6. If YES, do I press SAVE or SAVE AS if it already has a name ?

7. If I want to give it a new name, do I use SAVE or SAVE AS ?

8. Which one OVERWRITES my document - SAVE or SAVE AS ?

9. What are three reasons to SAVE my document frequently?

a. Power might go out

b. Computer or Network might freeze

c. You might press a key that erases your work

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