workshop Sra. McCrae

1.  Begin by going to the site and working through a sample selection of the activities found here under your language heading.  (about 10 minutes)

2.  Go to the sign-on and check out the procedure for making a page.  

3.  Set up a sample page where you might have students check regularly for assignments.

4.  Go to your page and see what it looks like.

5.  Make any modifications you desire.

6.  Go back and visit the page.

7.  Go to the sites listed below and sample the activities.
(15 minutes)

8. Go to the site and take a virtual journey to Argentina. Choose:
1) Ciudades Reales,
2) go to Neuquén and choose the 1st listing
3) go to flora y fauna
4) Answer these questions: How many animals are mentioned here? What are they?
5) Click on salmónidos. How many types of fish are shown? What are the general rules for sports fishing?

9. Check out some of the useful links below. (15 minutes)
There are handouts provided for your later use.

10. Go to the Create a Quiz Section below and read the instructions. (Do this by clicking on the link provided)

11. Log-in as a new user and using the attached vocabulary sheet create a short quiz as a sample for yourself that you might be able to use in class.
Useful links
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