worldgeograhy Mrs. Chase
Mehlville Senior High  
Your project for second semester is an integrated social studies/science project on the Pacific Rim - specifically in South America.  The unit will combine a study of the impact of the "Ring of Fire" on the physical environment of South America.  Your task is to conduct some research on the following topics.

1) Locate a map of the Pacific Rim.  Print it out and mark specific plate tectonics of South America.

2) Research the causes of volanic eruptions and earthquakes.  Tell about one such disaster in South America.  Include statistics about the death toll and economic losses. (see suggested internet links)

3) Despite the constant threats, are there any benefits to living in these areas? Interview, via e-mail, a student from South America who might have first hand experience.

4) For extra credit, take your research to a higher level!  Find out what is being done in South America to encourage scientific research to avoid disasters or to warn people of potential disasters.

5) Share the results of your research in a creative way...
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