World History 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District World History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
World His 16-01 Quiz "The Rise of Nations"
World His 16-02 Quiz "The Rise and Fall of Spain"
World His 16-03 Quiz "English Monarchs Struggle for Power"
World His 16-04 Quiz "England Rejects Absolute Monarchy"
World His 16-05 Quiz "Absolute Monarchy in France"
World His 16-06 Quiz "Russia and Prussia Produce Strong Monarchs"
World His 16-T TEST "The Age of Kings"
World His 17-01 Quiz "Europeans Search for New Trade Routes"
World His 17-02 Quiz "Exploring New Lands"
World His 17-03 Quiz "The Spanish Conquer Two Empires in America"
World His 17-04 Quiz "Spain Establishes Colonies in America"
World His 17-05 Quiz "The Growth of the Slave Trade"
World His 17-06 Quiz "The Results of Exploring and Establishing Colonies"
World His 17-T TEST "Explorers and Explorations"
World His 18-01 Quiz "In Search of Natural Laws"
World His 18-02 Quiz "New Theories on Government"
World His 18-03 Quiz "The Influence of Enlightened Thinkers"
World His 18-04 Quiz "Enlightenment Ideas Influence Artists"
World His 18-Skill "Using Reference Materials"
World His 18-T TEST "The Age of Reason"
World His 19-01 Quiz "The Industrial Revolution Begins in England"
World His 19-02 Quiz "The Growth of the First Modern Industries"
World His 19-03 Quiz "Transportation Improves"
World His 19-04 Quiz "Industry Brings Change and Problems"
World His 19-T TEST "The Industrial Revolution"
World His 20-01 Quiz "Revolution in the American Colonies"
World His 20-02 Quiz "The American Revolutionary War"
World His 20-03 Quiz "The French Revolution"
World His 20-04 Quiz "Revolutionary Reforms and Terror in France"
World His 20-05 Quiz "Napoleon and the French Empire"
World His 20-T TEST "An Age of Revolution"
World His 21-01 Quiz "The Congress of Vienna Meets"
World His 21-02 Quiz "Nationalism Becomes Powerful"
World His 21-03 Quiz "Wars for Independence in Latin America"
World His 21-04 Quiz "New Revolution and Reform in Europe"
World His 21-05 Quiz "The Year of Revolutions - 1848"
World His 21-T TEST "Reaction, Reforms, and Revolution"
World His 22-01 Quiz "Nationalism"
World His 22-02 Quiz "Growing Nationalism in Italy"
World His 22-03 Quiz "The Unification of Germany"
World His 22-04 Quiz "Imperialism"
World His 22-05 Quiz "The Effect of Imperialism on Asia"
World His 22-06 Quiz "The Effect of Imperialism on Africa"
World His 22-Skill "Compare and Contrast"
World His 22-T TEST "Nationalism and Imperialism"
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