World History 4th Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District World History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
World His 23-01 Quiz "The Causes of the War"
World His 23-02 Quiz "The War Years: 1914 - 1918"
World His 23-03 Quiz "Making Peace"
World His 23-04 Quiz "World War I Changed the World"
World His 23-T TEST "World War I"
World His 24-01 Quiz "Life in Czarist Russia"
World His 24-02 Quiz "Russia Moves Toward Revolution"
World His 24-03 Quiz "The Bolsheviks Take Over the Government"
World His 24-04 Quiz "The Soviet Union Under Stalin"
World His 24-T TEST "The Russian Revolution and the Communist State"
World His 25-01 Quiz "The Fascists Gain Power in Italy"
World His 25-02 Quiz "The Nazis Gain Power in Germany"
World His 25-03 Quiz "The Chinese Begin to Build a Modern Nation"
World His 25-04 Quiz "Military Leaders Take Over in Japan"
World His 25-T TEST "Revolutions and the Rise of Dictators"
World His 26-01 Quiz "The Basic Causes of World War II"
World His 26-02 Quiz "Fascism Threatens Other Countries"
World His 26-03 Quiz "Axis Successes in Europe and Asia"
World His 26-04 Quiz "The Tide Turns in Favor of the Allies"
World His 26-T TEST "World War II"
World His 27-01 Quiz "Results of World War II"
World His 27-02 Quiz "The United Nations"
World His 27-03 Quiz "The Cold War Begins"
World His 27-04 Quiz "Conflicts Between the Superpowers"
World His 27-Skill "Political Cartoons"
World His 27-T TEST "The Aftermath of World War II"
World His 28-01 Quiz "Many African Colonies Became Nations"
World His 28-02 Quiz "A New Nation in the Middle East Brings War"
World His 28-03 Quiz "India Gains Its Independence"
World His 28-04 Quiz "The Struggle to Control China"
World His 28-05 Quiz "Vietnamese Wars for Independence"
World His 28-T TEST "New Nations Emerge"
World His 29-01 Quiz "African Nations Face Many Challenges"
World His 29-02 Quiz "The Middle East Remains in Conflict"
World His 29-03 Quiz "Asian Countries Face Economic Challenges"
World His 29-04 Quiz "Reforming the Soviet Union"
World His 29-05 Quiz "Europe Experiences Great Change"
World His 29-06 Quiz "Latin America Struggles to Overcome Its Problems"
World His 29-T TEST "A Changing World"
World His 30-01 Quiz "The Earth As a Global Village"
World His 30-02 Quiz "Energy and Technolgy Create the Global Village"
World His 30-03 Quiz "Global Trade and Economic Development"
World His 30-04 Quiz "Global Environmental Concerns"
World His 30-Skill "Voting"
World His 30-T TEST "A New Century Begins"
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