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Welcome to the Year 11 Computer Studies page for Wellington Point State High School.

Unit 3 - The Computer as a Publishing Tool

Using the Internet and your computer studies textbook find answers to the following questions. Below is a lsit of useful links to help you to answer the questions.

Open up Microsoft Word to word process your answers. These need to be handed in by the end of the lesson.

After you have completed the questions have a go at the quiz section below.

Activity 1

1. What is problem solving?

2. List the main characteristics of the systematic approach to problem solving? Is systematic problem solving computer based>

3. Give an example of systematic problem solving: a) Using the computer b) Not computer based

4. How can problems be solved on a computer?

5. Explain Polya's ideas to do with computers and problem solving?

6. Why is problem solving being related to computers?

Your answers need to be written in sentences and paragraphs.

Activity 2

Complete Activity 5.1b p 191 from your textbook.
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Problem Solving Quiz
Problem Solving Quiz
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