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Shane's E-mail adress Page

Hi!! I made this whole website with HTML, which has been
a hard task. Well, I would like to say hi to all of my
friends and my best friend also, ryan!!

Me and my e-mail in school.

  • I reply within' 12 hours or so!!

    Dan (a.k.a. POOP)

  • Awesome kid!!

    Chris Castine's E-mail

  • Pretty Kewl Kid!! Lol

    Greg's E-mail

  • Pretty Kewl, I guess!! He likes iguanas.

    Pete Klugh's E-mail

  • Pretty kewl kid!!
  • He got in trouble for beatin' the crap out of Preston!!
  • I'm goin' 2 tell ur parents!!
  • Lol, Just kiddin'!!

    Mike Lapresti's E-mail

  • Alright kid, with an awesome website.
  • He's a monkey, j/k.

    Jeff Luttner's E-mail (a.k.a. Sebastian)

  • Kewl kid, I poke him with pencils in German all the time!! Lol
  • He to, likes iguanas especially the one I sent him.

    Mike's E-mail (a.k.a. Ulf)

  • Mr. Funny kid, No not really lol!!
  • He is pretty kewl, I guess!!

    Scott's E-mail

  • In my world cultures class.
  • I will eventually send him the iguana picture.
  • I have to find the pic 1st.
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