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     We are now into the second semester of the school year.  Much of our WINGS time will be spend on WordMasters.  It is important that each WINGS student is well versed with the meaning and various uses of each word.  The lists for grades three through five are listed below.

Grade 3 / Blue List

stable, blush, tense, foe, prance, slim, mold, relax,puny, lair, gallop, rapid, bully, spoil, bashful, alien, insult, stocky, foreigner, rust, awkward, tone, compliment, metallic, tint

Grade 4 / Blue List

fragment, nick, silken, boundary, defect, notorious, brocade, sift, obedient, remnant, scorch, feeble, burlap, singe, toxic, impurity, mangle, dreary, sieve, grate, placid, villain, meander, sleek, blustery

Grade 5 / Blue List

knoll, bustle, synthetic, facade, saturate, pristine, convoy, resound, listless, cranny, saunter, muted, sentinel, contaminate, turbulent, bower, dislodge, craggy, veneer, sylvan, tainted, restraint, smolder, raucous, cavern
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