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Morningside Elementary School 2nd grade teacher
                  The Writing Process
                     Short Stories

Prewriting- make plans before you write. Brainstorm and generate several ideas. Think about something you would like to say, learn or do. Choose an interesting topic. Think of ways to develop your topic. Some possible prewriting activities are: cut out a magazine picture that interests you, jot down brainstorming ideas, outline your story, draw a picture of what you'll be writing about, relate writing to music etc.

Write- Review your prewriting ideas. Write a short story that directly relates to the prewrite.

Revise- Read what you wrote. Decide if you would like to add or subtract something from your story. Read to see if you have unnecessarily repeated a line or concept. Have you gotten your point across?

Proofread or Edit- Check again. Does each sentence begin with a capital letter? Does each sentence end with the proper punctuation? On a clean piece of stationary, make a neat copy of what you have written.

Publishing- Display your work. Send me your clean copy of your short story for classroom publication. Your story will be published on the Young Author's Bulletin Board.

Creative Writing can be lots of fun. Here are just a few things that could be done:
Short Stories

Whatever you do send it to me.
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