wrongexit Sir Wesley
Fielddale Castle High school Lorde of the Castle
Welcome to the Castle!

Torture Classes are going on a field trip to
Lourdville Manour
from 7:00 (early arrival) to 5:00 (late pickup)on
May 24, 2000.
If any of you idiots forget, I swear I will leave you at school and the next time we go you will be my subjects!
All other classes will go on as normally scheduled
with a sub!

Archery Classes will be having a basic competency test
on Monday.  You will meet me out on the range during your
normal class times.
If nessecary, we will carry over onto Tuesday.

You need help with any homework, etc.?
Don't hesitate to find me during 4th, 6th, and 9th periods,
or e-mail me at home at sirwesleythethief@fielddalecastlehighschool.com.
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