wsbiology Mrs. Jenkins
West Shore Jr./Sr. High School West Shore Biology, A&P
Welcome to Biology and Anatomy & Physiology! I'm looking forward to getting to know you this year. Here are some things you need to know:

1) Get Organized You will need to get the following: 3 ring binder just for Biology - this should be a lightweight 1" binder that won't add any weight to your backpack
tabs for the notebook
highlighter for taking notes
daily planner

2) Make up work is YOUR responsibility. Assignments are posted on the bulletin board and on the homeworkNOW website. (see links)

3) If you are absent, you have an equivalent number of days in which to make up your work with no penalty. For example, if you are absent two days, you have two days upon your return to complete any make up work. Late work will be accepted with points off up to two weeks after the due date. After that, it will be a zero.

4) Learning Biology and A&P is like eating an elephant. Take one small bite at a time. Plan to spend 15 minutes every night reviewing what was discussed in class. This gives your brain time to absorb, digest and assimilate that "elephant". When it's time for a test, no cramming will be needed, you already know it! (Besides, elephants are too big to cram!)

Extra Credit if you'd like to do a Research Project. I'm available after school for mentoring. RESEARCH IS FUN!! If your parents are interested in purchasing supplies for the labs, they can earn 1 hour of volunteer time for every $5 spent. Up to 10 hours can be earned in this way.

Welcome to my Wish List...

...and thanks in advance for helping!

Plastic spoons
Round toothpicks
Paper plates (small and large)
10 bottles of Karo light syrup
spray starch
2 gallons of vinegar
soap bubbles (10 bottles)
Birthday candles
Play dough
10 bags multi colored small sized gumdrops

Office Supplies:
Large paper clips (6 boxes)
12 metric rulers
12 markers
24 glue stix
letter size file folders
legal size hanging folders

Craft Supplies:
Pony beads (all colors)
22 gauge wire for beading
kite string
Popsicle sticks

100 die (game dice)

My Quia activities and quizzes
Scientific Methods & Metric Practice
Review for Quiz
Behavior Vocabulary Review
Behavior Jeopardy
Organic Compounds are RICH
Useful links
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