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     My fellow students, the time has come once again where we must face the harsh reality of the Chemistry final exam. Many of you have seen the Quia page created by Mr. G, but only a few have looked at the SEMESTER EXAM REVIEW that has been posted as a link on his page. If you haven't, I strongly recommend that you do this soon. It is very important that you start and, if possible, finish the review before exams come.
     No matter how important the review is to us, it's still quite a task to try to complete all of these questions. At 8 a day, weekends included. To help you answer these problems, and allow you to help each other, I created this page as your greatest resource besides your book.(this is easier to read)I will post as many of the review questions/answers as I can, but the point is, I can't do it alone...
     There are some students who have a strong "A" in chemistry, and your help would be greatly appreciated in constructing this page (please!) and others like myself who are short on needed evidences, or are just failing. I am asking for your help as well. This page is for everyone, and will be updated as frequently as possible, so that by the time finals arrive, the page will be completed(thanks to you).
     As most of you probably know, Mr. G. will raise your grade by one letter if you do significantly better on the exam (10%) than you did on your semester average in class. Those of you who are failing could benefit even more, if you make better than an 80% on the exam. This is really easy to do if you study, but 8 problems a day is more than most of you can handle right now. Once i start getting responses to the questions on the exam mailed to me, I can start putting together the page at a speed of possibly 24 a day.
This page can be a great success if you all will E-mail me with your progress through the review of doom, in question/answer form please. There's no reason to not try to contribute to this page. No answer is a bad answer, and everything you can send (A.S.A.P.) helps. Everyone benifits, and if you all contribute, it could save HOURS of study time.
     The review is HUGE! 8 pages on a Word document, and nearly 200 questions on chapters 9, 11, 14, 15, 6, 8, 16, and 19. I have included links to the quia page, and the review page for you all to go to for easier navigation. Good luck, and thank you for helping me do this.
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