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West Shore Jr. / Sr. High Estoy loca por español...
I am just a regular student at West Shore... If there are such... :) I am addicted to Quia! because it makes studing so much easier. I was in Mr. Gimble's Chemistry class and came here to prepare for the exam. When I saw that this site also had Spanish on it- I decided to make my own class page. Feel free to come here anytime to brush up on your spanish and see whats new. I am only in Spanish two- so e-mail me if you see any errors and enjoy my spinglish while it lasts.
i Ten divertido !
My Quia activities and quizzes
Dinero / Gastos
El Cine
La televisión y la radio
Periódicos y Revistas
Preterite -ar Verbs
La niñez y el pasado
Actividades de la niñez
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