wstar Mr. "B"
Woodward School for Technology And Research 5/6 Teacher

This Weeks Assignments

Math- Pull weeds in the garden.  When you have reached 10,000 weeds place them in a truck and cart them to the dump. Tell us the exponential value of 10,000 weeds.

Language Arts- Imagine that you came to the courtyard this summer and the basketball hoops were missing.  Pretend they had been taken away by an evil witch.  Write a story about the evil witch taking the hoops, and follow it up with an illustration.  

P.E.- Run laps around the track. As you approach the south end of the track pretend you're a German Shepard and bark as loud as you can. If a real German Shepard barks back at you, you must run another lap and continue the process until the other dog stops barking at you.  HAVE FUN!!  

Music- Make up a blues tune titled "Those Pulling Weeds in the Garden Blues" (cross curricular project. Tie in with math weed pulling activity)

Science- Composting Clippings
In this experiment you will mow the lawn of one of your teachers (several teachers have offered their lawns for this experiment). Upon finishing the lawn, cart the clippings to a nearby composter. Return daily and observe how microbes have broken down the clippings.  Observe for a week. This experiment is an ongoing research project which should be repeated weekly, and end around early November.
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