wwilliams Ms. Watoma D. Williams

We believe that all students can behave appropriately while at school.  This includes behavior in the classroom, hallways, lunchroom and special classes.  We encourage and positively reinforce behavior that facilitates learning for all.  It is the student's responsibility to use his/her time wisely and make the best use of the classroom time. 

                     CLASSROOM RULES

We will:
1. Respect each other and yourself
2. Listen and follow directions carefully
3. Be considerate of others while they are speaking
4. Raise your hand before speaking
5. Obey school rules

    Each day the students start with  a "clean slate".  One warning will be given for any infraction of the rules.  After that, the student misses recess.  If a student consistently breaks the rules, parents will be contacted and a conference requested.  A conference with the principal will be the final result.  Ultimately, the responsibility belongs to the student, and he/she must make the choice of how to behave.
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