xoluvnmattox Xo MaTtS gUrL oX
                     Xo LuVn MaTt Ox

          iM dA fIlLy CuTiE wIt A bAnGiN bOoTiE

     ImMa LiL bYcH wIt BiG bRoWn EyEs DaT lEaVeS aLl U
                    pLaYaS hYpNoTiZeD

pImPeTtE oF tHe YeAr PlAyEtTe Of Da SeAsOn YoUr MaN lEfT u N iM dA rEaSoN sO wAtCh Ur BaCk N mAkE sUm RoOm CuZ dIs LiL
                  hUnNiS cUmMiN tHrOuGh

WhEn I wAs YoUnGa I pLaYeD wIt ToYs BuT nOw DaT iM oLdA i 
                      GoT mAh BoYs

I nO u ThInK u BrOkE mAh HeArT bUt I kNeW uR gAmE rIgH fRoM
dA sTaRt I sAw Ur GaMe N pLaYeD iT 2 sTuPiD pLaYa Da JoKeS
                          oN u

      U GoT uR mAn CuZ u LoOk *EaSy* I gOt MaH tHuGs
            On MaH tHoNg CuZ iM oFf Da *HeEzY*

    gUyS r PlAyAs N dAtS a FaCt sO dOnT fAlL iN lUv
                    JuS pLaY dEm BaCk

     Y Is It DaT wHeN a GuY iS a PlAyA hEs CoNsIdErEd A
  pRo. BuT wHeN a GuRl TaKeS hEr TuRn ShEs CoNsIdErEd A hOe

     A pEaCh Is A pEaCh A pLuM iS a PlUm A kIsS aInT a
    KiSs WiT oUt SuM tOuNgE sO cLoSe Ur EyEs OpEn WiDe N
                gIvE yA tOuNgE sUm ExAsIzE

   dOnT sAy U lUv MeH uNlEsS u ReAlLy MeAn It CuZ i MiGh
              Do SuMmIn CrAzY lYkE bElIeVe It

   GoD mAdE cOkE gOd MaDe PePsI gOd MaDe MaTt So DaMn SeXy

                    MaRtIaL sTaT.: mAtT

         .. iM oUt LyKe A fAt GuRl In DoDgEbAlL ..


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