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Quia is the world's largest collaborative educational resource. Quia operates the only website providing educators the ability to easily and rapidly create their own sophisticated online games, quizzes, and homepages  that are instantly available.  Using Quia technology, this page and accompanying activities were created within a matter of minutes.

Promoted entirely by word of mouth and without any marketing expenditures, Quia has grown at a phenomenal rate:

  • We now have over a quarter million unique monthly visitors
  • Six million+ monthly page views
  • Our users represent 120 million countries, from Australia to Zambia
Quia's strong, highly-flexible technology is perfect for portals seeking a competitive advantage.  Our activities are the perfect complementary product for a site seeking to round out its board, casino, and card games with a new category and thousands of games.

Quia is now forging strategic relationships with innovative, fast-moving market leaders, and we would like to discuss business development opportunities with Yahoo!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Super Bowl I Trivia
Super Bowl I Trivia
Super Bowl II Trivia
Super Bowl II Trivia
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