Batten Core 3
My Quia activities and quizzes
ELA Check in Explaining Point of View-from A Jar of Dreams
ELA Check In Ready Lesson 1 Central Idea-from "Against All Odds..."
ELA Check In Ready Lesson 10-Determining Word Meanings-from The Power of Music
The Breadwinner chapters 1-3 Test
The Breadwinner chs 4-6 test
The Breadwinner test chs 7-9
The Breadwinner Test chs 10-12
The Breadwinner Novel Test
ELA Check In RI.6.2 Central Idea
ELA Check In RI.6.2 Summarizing Informational Texts
ELA Check In RI.6.1 Citing Evidence to Make Inferences
ELA Check In RI.6.3 Analyzing Key Ideas in a Text
NC Ready Interim Assessment Luck Favors the Prepared
ELA Check In RL.6.1 Citing Evidence to Make Inferences
ELA Check In RL.6.3 Plot
ELA Check In RL.6.3 Analyzing Character Development
ELA Check In RL.6.2 Determining Theme
ELA Check In RL.6.2 Summarizing Literary Text
ELA Check In Unit 2 Assessment
Spelling Lesson 19
The Women's War
The First League of Nations
Pocohontas and the Virginia Colony
Founding the New England Colonies
John Peter Zenger: Defending Freedom
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