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Coopers School Teacher of French and Spanish
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Do you find it difficult to remember all those new verbs in Spanish?  Help is at hand!  Have a go at doing these games and you will be astounded at how much more you can recall. Amaze your parents, friends, yourself and ME!

July 2001. Try the new activities on the preterite tense to consolidate the verb endings.

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Ms Brady
My Quia activities and quizzes
El pretérito
Preterite of AR verbs and IR
La rutina diaria
present tense verbs - el tiempo libre
match up the Spanish to the English
ir en el presente - to go in the present tense
Put the persons of the verb in the correct order.
Tengo hambre
Practise food and drink vocabulary
El dormitorio
Unjumble these words to practise describing items in your bedroom
¿ Cómo es tu dormitorio?
Unjumble these sentences describing a bedroom
Practise directions
Ir en el pretérito y unas expresiones para hablar del pasado
Ir in the preterite plus expressions to describe the past
Una Cita
Unjumble the sentences
Useful links
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