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Pokémon Yellow Cheats

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Source >> Pojo

KittyFox Corner!

Well, Don't know if you want to throw this up in the Game Boy section or not, but it appears that in the GameBoy game (Red/Blue/Yellow) if you are attacked with something that alters stats (Screech, Sand-Attack, etc), your pokemon's defense/accuracy lowers, but your attack goes up for the rest of the battle! Note this is your attack that goes up, not special, so you would need to use Normal/Fighting/etc. attacks in order to notice that you are doing a little bit more damage than before.

Seems there is a bit of a 'revenge' factor built into the game ;)
Switch Attack Order!

I discovered a trick to arrange the order of your pokemon’s moves. First, select fight on the battle menu. Then, go to the attack you want to move & press select. Then, go to the position you want the attack to be in & press select again & voila! your attack has been moved! It may not sound very useful, but it’s pretty cool. If you have a pokemon that you are going to put in daycare for a while, put the weakest move at the top of the list so they won’t forget a good move! - Tammy Shumate
Pay Day Solved!

When you use Payday, and you win, the amount of money you pick up is
equal to double your Pokemon's experience level.
Reset Your Game!

On pokemon red/yellow/blue you can push a,b,start,select all at the same time and the game will restart.  -  Cam
Silph Scope Replacement?!?!

When I got to lavender town I automatically went into the building where Mr. Fuji is being held.  I didn't have the silph scope at that time.  I didn't even know about it then.  So as I went through the building  all the ghosts I encountered I didn't have to fight because my pokemon were to scared and I couldn't identify the ghosts.  So as I got to the ghost of the marowaks mom I couldn't attack it!!!  So I used a pokedoll.  It let me out of battle, Marowaks moms spirit was at rest and I got to go to Mr. Fuji without a fight and without having to get the silph scope.
Surfing Pikachu Tips!

I’ve been practicing the art of pikachu surfing and finally got a good high score of 5620. It’s pretty good, but I bet somebody out there may have a higher score. Here are some tips:

#1= Back flips are easier than front flips.
#2= Identify the waves that give you the most trouble and learn how to get points out of them.
#3= Practice landing until you can land safely from every wave.
#4= Learn when to press back in your control pad. The best point is right before the middle of the wave. This gives you a high jump that lets you do a double flip.
Professor Ko,   12-30-99


SATOSHI: Okay, I’m here with vital news about Missingno in Pokemon Yellow.

I noticed Aaron’s plea for help in the Poke Yellow Tips section, so it’s SATOSHI to the rescue! No, people, you cannot get Missingno in Pokemon Yellow. It has been deleted. As for the safari zone pokemon trick, I don’t know. Prolly still exists, as Nintendo came out and admitted it exists in an issue of Nintendo Power. Who knows! One thing is still for sure, however....


Even after my article in the Pokemon Red/Blue Tips section, people still believe that you can get the little guy without outside help! So, to prove most of the codes found online are fake, from now on I’ll be writing in

with a GEM OF THE WEEK, or a fake code that I think is REALLY stupid.  Let’s check the POKETRON 2000 for this week’s GEM....

SATOSHI: And the GEM OF THE WEEK is...the 'Car Key To Togepi' code!  Congratulations! Here's the 'code' for whoever doesn't know....
"you can supposedly find a car key to the truck by the S.S. Anne that will open the door and you will find a Togepi egg."
Congratulations whoever thought that one up! You recieve the Golden Dunce award! That's all for now!



SATOSHI: Hey, everyone! I finally got the pokemon space station up into orbit and am now heading back to earth. Unfortunately, it seems that Aaron accidentally erased a past transmission, so I'll give ya the jist of
it.(hope this is the one you meant!)  The code where you can get Mew by pushing the truck by the S.S. Anne
out of the way is FALSE. in fact, ALL the Mew codes are false! Here are the only two ways to get Mew, the 151st Pokemon.

1-Gameshark or Game Genie
Check the Gameshark codes section for the code, but be
warned! I used it to get 'em, and it messed up my hall of fame! I've even
heard it can erase pokemon after a while! Ohh...scary.... (= (

2- Nintendo Video Game Tours
Go to the Nintendo Video Game Tour and they, that is, Nintendo, will
GIVE you Mew by uploading it into your cartriage FOR FREE!!! All you have to
do is have only 5 pokemon with you, have delivered Oak's Parcel, and TaDa!
Mew is yours!!

That is IT. Those are the only ways to get Mew. Write to Nintendo Of
America and see for yourself! I did, and they gave me a straight answer-no,
you cannot catch Mew in the game.  Also, people, stop making up pokemon. The
following is a list of fake pokemon and the reason I know they are
fake/can't be caught in Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Togepi- Not fake, but it is a gold/silver character.
Pikablu- Slang for Marril, another gold/silver character.
Dimonix- Puh-lease. Notice how the articles are written that concern this
guy; "hi, I just wondered if you have heard of Dimonix..." Nu-uh. They sound
like it's no big deal. A DEAD giveaway that it ain't true.
Sandscratch- Oh, brother...these get dumber and dumber...someone obviously
thinks we are dumb enough to believe that there is a GROUND stone. chuckle> Nice try.
Mewthree- Let's see...hmm...Oh! I get it! Someone noticed the Mew, MewTWO
pattern and decided to invent another one! HaHa , that's funny.
ChronoMew- Mist stone? Yeah, Whatever. For those who don't know, You can
supposedly evolve Mew into ChronoMew by using the imaginary Mist

SATOSHI: Well, that's all I can think of for now! C'ya later!


OK, I know that there are many bogus tips out there,
so let me straighten things up:
Pikablue cannot be obtained in the red, blue, or
yellow versions.

There is no way to get Mew other than entering a
contest and have one transferred into your game
cartridge or use a Game Shark or Game Genie.

There are only 151 Pokemon in the red, blue and yellow
versions.  Only 150 of them can be caught. (151 if
you're playing the Japanese versions of the game)

No such thing as "Pokegods"

No such thing as "HM06"

MissingNo. can mess up your game so don't try it.

Pokegod GameShark codes do not work.

Thank you!

Link Cable Tips!
1. Listen carefully= I have memorized each pokemon's cry by heart! Just
follow these instructions and you'll have a better chance of winning (note:
these tips are for game link cable battles).
2. Turn the sound of YOUR gameboy OFF. That way, you can listen to your
opponent's pokemon (this lets you know when your opponent switches a
pokemon, if your opponent switches, you will hear the new pokemon's cry).
Also, I said that you may want to know each pokemon's cry by heart because
that's what lets me identify my opponent's pokemon.
3.look at your opponent's pokemon before the fight, this allows you think
ahead and look at a pokemon in your team that can take out several of your
opponent's pokemon (I am excellent at doing this, just ask those people who
send me their teams, the pokemon that causes the most trouble is jolteon and
that's why I use him in my team!)
4.Send a pokemon that can recover it's lost hp (actually, choose this
pokemon as your first pokemon). Also, try this with hypno or chansey, gengar
might work, just please NEVER start with alakazam as he is likely to get
KOed by strong normal moves.

Professor Ko

Hey Pojo, this code has to work in all versions or else Nintendo would have to take out the trading option.  Take the Pokemon that you want to clone (probably rare) and get him on your team.   Have a friend get a run of the mill Pokemon (the first one they come across) and have them get that on their team.  Go to the trade area and start trading as usual.  Trade the rare Pokemon for the run of the mill Pokemon.  When the person with the rare Pokemon sees the screen "waiting", wait a second then turn your gameboy off.  

If you did it right, the other person should see the screen "Trade Complete". They will have to turn off their gameboy too because it will stay at that screen.  Then turn them back on and you should both have the rare Pokemon and the not so great one should be deleted.  (This code works well in the case of Eevee.  Clone four of them and get one of each stone.  Evolve three of them and keep the last one as Eevee.  He learns some pretty good moves just as himself.) Adam Roberts

Beating GYM Leaders

Brock- Train a mankey to level 9 and low kick your way to victory.
Misty- train your pikachu to level 18 or higher, I would use double team and
some potions.
Lt. Surge- Just catch a high level digglet (or get a sandslash and teach Dig
to it)
Erika- Wait until you can get to cinnabar island an catch a level 34
growlithe.  This should be easy wth growlithe.
Koga- You may choose between a level 32 haunter or hypno (both pokemon
should be at least level 32). If you chose haunter:Use hypnosis(I would
teach dream eater to haunter or hypno). Then dream eater. If you chose
hypno: don't evolve your drowzee until it has learned psychic. Your hypno
should be able to take out the venonats in one or two hits. Against
venomoth, use hypnosis and then psychic.
Sabrina- If you have haunter, you are in trouble! On the other hand, if you
chose hypno, you should win. Just headbutt sabrina's pokemon.Haunter will
require a really high level (45 or higher).
Blaine- This guy (or old man) can be tough if you don't have the right
pokemon. Use any water pokemon (level 37 or higher). I recommend that you
fught every trainer in the gym so your pokemon will get to level 37 quickly.
Giovanni- Just use your water pokemon with hypno or haunter for backup.

Elite Four
Lorelei- your pikachu should be at least level 54 if you want to get past
Bruno- This guy hasn't changed a lot.A water pokemopn should finish off his
Agatha- Same old pokemon. Use hypno or haunter.
Lance- Same pokemon, use pikachu for gyarados and your water pokemon should
know ice beam (you can use the tm you get from the thirsty girl in celadon).

Your rival- If you never lost to him he will use:sandslash,
alakazam,exeggutor,cloyster, ninetales and jolteon.
If you can't beat the elite four, buy stuff until you don't have money.That
way, if you lose, you don't lose money and you can keep fighting until your
pokemon's levels get high enough to beat the elite four.
Bruno's onixes will know dig and rockslide.
Agatha's first gengear will know mega drain and substitute. Her second
gengar willl know psychic (beware to haunter users).
Lance's first dragonair will know thunderbolt and thunderwave (use a ground
pokemon against this dragonair). His second dragonair will know bubblebeam.
His aerodactyl will use fly and his dragonite will use fireblast.
Final tip
the unknown dungeon is a great training place for you pikachu because ther
are lots of golbats.

Professor Ko

Someone said the only way to get some cash after beating all of the trainers is to use payday.  Well, there is a better way.  Go back and keep fighting the Elite Four.  It is the absolute best way to get money and experience points. -

Hey, I just  found out that rare candy does not give you as much powerups as when you actually gain a level. This is bad because people duplicate rare candy and  use it for a quick powerup. the result is weaker pokemon,trust me. -    
I have discovered that when you throw a pokeball when it says Ash threw a pokeball and the pokemon is inside hold B from then until the ball wobbles the 2nd time and it is an almost sure fire way to catch it.  - R. Craft.

I use a combination  that allows me to be super effective against all Pokemon types except ghost but they count as poison Pokemon anyway so it doesn't matter. 1- Lapras (Ice and Water attacks)  effective against Fire, Ground, Rock,Grass, Flying and Dragon Pokemon; 2-Graveller (Ground and Rock attacks) effective against Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Ice, Flying, Bug; 3- Moltres (Fire and Flying attacks) effective against Grass, Ice, Bug, Fighting; 4- Venusaur (Grass and Poison attacks) effective against Water, Ground, Rock, Grass, Bug; 5- Hitmonchan (Fighting attacks) effective against Normal, Ice, Rock 6 - Beedrill (Bug and Poison attacks) effective against Grass, Psychic, Bug.  - Paul.

The many follwing tips were sent in by

Celadon Slot Tip
All of the slot machines have different odds, which change every time. Play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2 or more, then stick with that one, because it's probably hot. If the slow machine forces you really close to a 777 or Bar Bar Bar it will probably give you one or the other soon.

Fish in a Gym
When you enter a gym go up to one of the statues and choose a rod to fish with. Usually you get good Pokemon.

Catch Ditto Easily
to catch a ditto easy put magikarp at the top of your list and let ditto transform into him and then switch pokemon you can also do this with a tentacool.

Items found with the Itemfinder
Here are some really good items that I have found using the Itemfinder!
*Full Restore in Victory Restore in Victory Road near the exit
*PP Up on Route 17 on right side of cycling road
*PP Up on Route 13
*Max Ether on the small island while your are traveling to Victory Road
*Nugget in Route 7 underground path
*Full Restore, and X Special in route 5 underground path
*Ether in Unknown Dungeon on first floor
*Rare Candy in Cerulean City in the backyard of the house in the top left corner nearest to the Unknown Dungeon
*Great Ball in trash can in the kitchen of The S.S. Anne

Sleeping code!
If you have a pokemon who has Rest or if you can get tm44, your pokemon can restore all his\her hit points (HP), in a span of 2 turns! Simply use Rest during battle (the pokemon will fall asleep), then during your next turn, play the Poke Flute (Obtained when you save Mr. Fuji from the tower in the Pokemon Tower) your pokemon will wake up ready to go!

Legendary Birds
Of all the legendary birds I've found Zapados is the easiest to capture (which isn't saying much!) sence it is possible to capture it when it has nothing wrong with its status (such as sleep or paralize) and it is possible to capture it when it's health bar is more then just a sliver. Once you have captured Zapados you can use it to quickly lower the health level of Articuno and Moltres (for these last two I needed to reduce their defence or make them go to sleep to even hit them with a pokeball).

Moon Stones
There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not.
1) In the upper-lefthand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon.
2) In the basement of the game corner.
3) In the bottom-right corner of Route 2 (CUT).
4) In Mt. Moon, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go
to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone.
5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the
right-hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon Stone.

Unlimited chances to catch rare Pokemon
Save before fighting. if it dies or you run away DON'T SAVE. Instead restart

Master Ball Code
First go into battle,and throw a poke ball, great ball, or ultra ball. as soon as the ball leaves your hand, press and hold B and up. then as the ball snaps shut press and hold A while still holding B and up.

Pokémon Tips from Bob's Pokemon Place

Evolving certain Pokémon

Some Pokémon will only evolve when you trade them via Link Cable. They are:

Before / After:
Machoke / Machamp
Graveler / Golem
Haunter / Gengar
Kadabra / Alakazam

Some Pokémon won't Evolve until you give them a special stone. They are:

Before and After
Pikachu + Thunder Stone = Raichu
Nidorina (female) + Moon Stone = Nidoqueen
Nidorino (male) + Moon Stone = Nidoking
Clefairy + Moon Stone = Clefable
Vulpix + Fire Stone = Ninetales
Jigglypuff + Moon Stone = Wigglytuff
Gloom + Leaf Stone = Vileplume
Growlithe + Fire Stone = Arcanine
Poliwhirl + Water Stone = Poliwarth
Weepinbell + Leaf Stone = Victreebel
Shellder + Water Stone = Cloyster
Exeggcute + Leaf Stone = Exegguter
Staryu + Water Stone = Starmie
Eevee + Water Stone = Vapereon
Eevee + Thunder Stone = Jolteon
Eevee + Fire Stone = Flareon

Note: You can get the stones in the Pokémart at Celadon City.

Capturing Hard-To-Catch Pokémon

To Capture Mewtwo (without the Master Ball):
Actually, Mewtwo is not very hard to catch without a master ball, but it will take practice. Mewtwo is only available once in the game, and you have to beat the Elite Four and Gary to be able to get to it. Mewtwo is in a cave to the Northeast of Cerulean City, You have to use Surf to get to the entrance. (There will be a man guarding the entrance if you haven't beaten the Elite Four). Search through the cave, capture the Pokémon you see along the way (They're usually pretty good ones). You will have to go up some stairs and go in the water along the way. Mewtwo is on a tiny "island" in the cave. It actually isn't too hard to capture Mewtwo, just save the game right before you go up to him, and do Not save the game if you make Mewtwo faint or if you fail to capture him, just retry it. I used a fighting type pokemon on Mewtwo, and it worked... it will take a few tries, but if you try different attack combinations, you'll be able to capture him with one or two Ultra Balls.

To Capture Zapdos (without the Master Ball):
I personally had a lot harder time capturing Zapdos than I did capturing Mewtwo... It took me about 8 or so tries to capture Mewtwo, but, it took me about 25 tries to capture Zapdos! You can find Zapdos in the Power Plant, which is Northwest of Cerulean City. Zapdos is in the upper-most room to the left in the Power Plant... he's hard to miss (and hard to catch). Once you find him, you will need to develop a strategy of attacks (example: one fairly big attack first, then really small ones to get the life down to a few little points OR 2 normal attacks and then several smaller attacks, etc..). It's almost guaranteed that he'll pop out of your Ultra Balls the first couple of times (or my first 20 or so times!). But, remember: Do NOT do your best attacks with your best Pokémon, that will make him faint. Also, if (or when) you don't succeed, DO NOT save the game. Keep trying until you catch him, 'cause, you "gotta catch em' all".

(PoJo Note: We had no trouble capturing Zapdos with a Great Ball by putting him to sleep first)

To Capture Moltres (without the Master Ball):
Moltres... The annoying little bird that takes practice to catch and is easy to kill. Moltres is found in the Pokemon League Cave... You'll have to move some boulders on some buttons, and go up and down some stairs to find it. Moltres is in the centerish part of a certain level of the cave, and right below it is a bridge-type thing that a girl Pokémon Trainer stands at. Once you find Moltres, you'll need to once again develop a certain strategy to catch it. He's actually easier to catch than Zapdos, but, it takes more strategy to find out what can hit it and Not kill it, and to avoid his attacks, especially Fire Spin. Also once again, if you do not catch it, do not save the game. Keep on trying until you catch Moltres, and it may take a while...

To Capture Articuno (without the Master Ball):
You can find Articuno in the cave at Seafoam Islands. To get to the cave, go south of the PokéCenter in Fuchsia City, and you'll see a shore with to guys standing around near the water. Use the Surf Ability to swim Southwest of that shore, keep swimming and you'lll eventually run into Seafoam Islands. Go into the cave, and search for Articuno, it'll be on a little piece of land that you'll need to swim to in the cave. To get to that part of the cave though, you'll have to push 2 boulders into the water, using the little stairs/holes, and the boulders will "warp" into the water. After you push 2 boulders into the water, swim in the previously uncharted water, and you'll find Articuno. Articuno is a water/flying type Pokémon, so it's best to use an Electric or Fire-type Pokémon against it. Keep trying to catch it until you do, it can take a few tries.

How to Capture Any Pokémon with the Master Ball:
I know this sounds really easy, and it is, but, some people just don't get it... anyway, for those of you who don't know how to use the Master Ball, just throw it at a Pokémon! That's it, then you automatically catch it. You'd be surprised about how many people don't know how to use the Master Ball... sorry, but, I have to say this: "DUH!" Also, it's best to use your Master Ball on Mewtwo or another rare Pokémon, like the legendary birds, so you don't have to go through the trouble capturing them with an Ultra Ball....

Catch any Pokémon with full life with Pokéball
Yes, this trick does work. It does, however, take a few tries to get it right. Anyway, to catch Pokémon with full life with a Pokéball (or Greatball or Ultra Ball), all you do is right when your character throws the ball, you need to press and hold UP and B. Hold it until the Pokémon is fully caught. This trick might take a few tries to get the timing right, but it pays off. I caught: Dodrio, Hypno, Kadabra, Ditto, Raticate, and others at full life just by using a Pokéball with this trick. Note: Safari Balls will NOT work with this trick.

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