yomama Nick
Beck Jr High  
Here r sum good yo mamma jokes:
Yo momma so stupid I told her to take the 4train and she took the 2train twice! - Ninajc

yo mama is so fat last time she saw 90210 was on the scale - crazy legs

yo mama is so fat she uses a vcr as a beeper - crazy legs

yo mama is so dirty when the colonel yelled hit the dirt everyone punched yo mama - crazy legs

Yo Mamma's so dumb she triped over a cordless phone! - Mario15013Yo Momma is so old, i told her to act her age and she Died!

yo mama is so ugly she stuck her head out a car window and got arrested for mooning

Your mother is so ugly, when she moved into her new apartment the neighbors chipped in to buy her a curtain!

yo mamma's armpit is so hairy, she look like she got Don King in a head lock. - Smrtboy913

yo momma so hairy...u almost died of carpet burns when u were born

ur momma so stupid she went to Gap to fix her teeth

Yo Momma is so fat and old, When God said "Let There be Light",He Told her to move her fat ass out of the way
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