york Señora York
Jupiter High School  
El 26 y 27 de febrero, 2001

Please complete all the activities that Señora York has prepared for you, as well as the activities that are included as "links" (towards the bottom).  There are FIFTEEN activities total.  Please complete them ALL. You will have plenty of time to complete them.  Make sure you sign the sign-in sheet, and remain at that computer unless you have permission to do otherwise.  Sign-in should be changed if you change computers.

***** ANYONE NOT ON TASK WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR TODAY'S CLASS PARTICIPATION GRADE WORTH 5 POINTS.  This includes:  talking, spinning around lab on chair, playing games other than today's Spanish activities, looking at other websites, doing homework for other classes, etc... 

Please leave your computer area clean and push your chair in at the end of the class.  The last period of the day will turn OFF the computer before leaving.

***** Most important exercises to do:  Conocer, Querer & Venir, mini quiz 4.2 on verbs, family vocabulary and question words.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Verbs "Conocer" (Dime Uno leccion 4.2)
Conjugation of new verb "conocer" - to know
Verb "Querer" (Dime Uno Leccion 4.2)
Conjugation of VENIR (Dime Uno 4.2)
Quiz on regular verb conjugations Dime Uno 3.2 & 3.3
Do this when you've finished 4.2 games
4.2 Mini Quiz - Stem Changing verbs
Querer, Venir y Conocer --Los Verbos
Vocabulario Dime Uno Lección 4.2
Palabras Interrogativas - Question Words Dime Uno 4.2
Vocabulario lección 4.2 Dime Uno GAMES
4.2 vocabulary
Useful links
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