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Red Lion Area Senior High School Math Teacher
Welcome to Mr. Yost's Quia page.
This will be helpful to both students and parents to access information about my classroom.  You will find information concerning daily homework assignments, long term projects, and monthly math articles.  You may also find helpful hints, fun games, and extra practice problems.  Since I teach 3 different courses, be sure you are looking under the course which you are in: ATM I, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I.

Monthly Math Articles

Monthly math articles are required of all students in my classes.  They consist of an article from a newspaper, magazine, or off the interent.  The article must have something to do with math.  Each student must submit the article along with a paragraph summarizing the article and how it relates to math.  Be sure that you choose an article and not an advertisement.  Math articles are due the last day we are in school each month.  They can be handed in anytime during the month, but must be received by the end of the month. Math articles are worth 15 points and are an easy way to raise or lower your grade.  Don't wait till the end of the month, do it right now and hand it in early!

Daily Homework Assignments

ATM I: Periods 2 and 3

2/11, Monday:  Worksheet
2/12, Tuesday:  Worksheet
2/13, Wednesday:  Worksheet
2/14, Thursday:  Unit 20, exercises #6,7,11,22
2/19, Tuesday:  Unit 20 exercises #6,7,11,22
2/20, Wednesday:  Study for TEST
2/21, Thursday:  Unit 20 TEST
2/22, Friday:  Cover-all

Pre-Algebra: Periods 7 and 8

2/11, Monday:  Worksheet
2/12, Tuesday:  pg.286-287 #11-47
2/13, Wednesday:  pg.290-291 #7-40
2/14, Thursday:  Worksheet
2/15, Friday:  pg.304-307 #1-104
2/19, Tuesday:  Study for QUIZ
2/20, Wednesday:  Worksheet, Chapter 6 QUIZ
2/21, Thursday:  Worksheet
2/22, Friday:  Worksheet

Algebra I: Periods 4 and 5

2/11, Monday:  pg.436 #27-33
2/12, Tuesday:  pg.438 #1-14
2/13, Wednesday:  Study for TEST
2/14, Thursday:  Chapter 7 TEST
2/15, Friday:  pg.390-391 #1-80
2/19, Tuesday:  pg.453-454 #22-68(even)
2/20, Wednesday:  pg.459 #14-45
2/21, Thursday:  Worksheet

Extra Credit Problem

Solve the following extra credit problem and receive up to 10 bonus points.  You must explain, in writing, what you did and why you did it.  Be detailed and specific.  The due date for the following problem is , 2002.  GOOD LUCK!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Hangman using vocabulary dealing with graphing.
Signed Numbers
Practice your negative numbers.
Checking Solutions
Practice solving equations.
ATM Unit A
Vocabulary from Unit A
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Match equivalent fractions
Simplifying Expressions
Find equivalent expressions
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