youbeautyachties Teacher: Mr James Barnett
Aranda Primary School
Welcome to the Year 6 You-Beaut Yachties homework help and reminders page.  I hope you find this useful.  Please e-mail me and let me know what you think.

It is very important that you develop good time management skills in order to get your work done well and have it handed in on time.

What's on:

Wk 10 :Wed 6th Dec - School social
Wk 11 :Tues 12th Dec - Year 6 Dinner (5:30pm); 8pm Year 6 presentation, 9pm -Supper,  9.30pm - Disco!
       Wed 13th Dec 11am Year 6 assembly
       Thurs 14 Dec 6pm - Community Farewell for Dave    Shephard
       Fri 2pm Staff/Students softball game
Wk 12 :Tues 19th Dec Term 4 ends

Homework: WEEK 11

-Literature Study - hand in.
-Memoires - Hand in a.s.a.p
-World Trip - Compulsory Tasks - Keep up the fantastic    work!!! It's great!


Make sure you keep up by doing one year level per week - Week 2 kindergarten, Week 3 Year 1 etc.  Full set of memoirs due in Week 10 - MON 29 Nov.

Literature studies:

The Literature studies are due in Weeks 1, 4, 7 & 10 of Term 4

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Check out the Internet Hotlists!
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