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North Syracuse Junior High School 8th Home and Career Skills
Dear Parents and Students:

         I am looking forward to an exciting semester with you.  This Quia Web site is designed to help students study and review for tests and quizzes, work with other students to reinforce Home and Career concepts, and to learn to use the Internet for educational purposes. You will also be informed of current projects and assignments.

         If you have Internet access at home, the whole family can get involved in doing the activity.

         We will cover three units.  They are: Food and Nutrition, Clothing Management, and Career Awareness.  There is a $5 fee for this course.  In addition, you will need to purchase a sewing project from the school at a cost of $6, or supply your own fabric.

          There are review units from all three units on this web site. 


Mrs. Young
My Quia activities and quizzes
Sewing Tools and Terms
Review of Sewing Tools and Terms
Nutrition Information
Foods Unit Review
Review of entire food unit
Career Unit Review
Review of the entire career unit
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