youngs2ndgr Mr. Young
Linda Verde School Second Grade Yellow Track
Welcome to our third full week of second grade!  We have started our rotations for reading, and each day in our class our activities feature all six of the CELL components:  Read-alouds, where the teacher reads to the student;  Guided Reading, where small groups work with the teacher on reading strategies and fluency;  Shared Reading, where large groups read text together;  Independent Reading, where students read text of their own choosing;  Interactive Writing, where groups of students work together with the teacher on learning writing and spelling strategies;  and Independent Writing, where students demonstrate what they have learned about writing.  As a school implementing the California Early Literacy Learning framework, Linda Verde school is continuing to place a premium on students' reading and writing skills.  Lessons in all subject areas emphasize literacy skills and offer opportunities to practice them.  For example, in a science lesson, we may interactively write about the life cycle of a frog.  The writing we have done as a class is then displayed with other work the students have done.  Come to Back-to-School night, Wednesday July 26, and find out more!
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